With years of experience from beginners to bodybuilders...


Bill Miller

NPTI Personal Trainer, NESTA PT, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, USAW Olympic Weightlifting, Underground Strength Coach, Kettle Bell Certified, Red Cross CPR/AED

Bill's passion for fitness began in high school athletics. Training during the off season is when he fell in love with the gym. He educated himself on the science behind health and fitness and began to understand the why behind programming and the importance of a goal. After graduation, Bill joined the United States Marine Corps as an infantryman. He continued his passion for fitness throughout training and deployments during his 8 years in the Marine reserves. In 2005 he got his first certification and started taking clients at a local gym before and after work. From 2008 until 2015 Bill worked full time at different gyms as a trainer but the story was always the same: big box gyms lose the personal aspect. 


  In 2015, Bill started BAM Fitness in order to create a community and focus on his clients in a more personal environment. In his many years of experience, he has worked with beginners and bodybuilders. His personal approach has enabled him to help people of different ages and lifestyles reach their personal fitness goals: 13 year old athletes, professional athletes, stay at home moms, and business professionals. 


Bill's philosophy is about working together to improve your

quality of life and reach your true potential.

Kristine K.

I'm a 41 year old Mom of 3 busy boys with a bad lower back, go figure :) I've been a runner most of my life and felt I had enough knowledge in the gym to get by... Since meeting and training with Bill my lower back pain is completely gone and I feel stronger than I ever have. Time is also a big issue for me, Bill has my entire workout planned and each piece of equipment set specifically for me from the time I walk in. A one hour workout with Bill would take me 2 hours in a gym! He keeps each session fun and highly motivating. If your even remotely thinking about personal training Bill is your guy, you will not be disappointed!

Jon H.

I've been training with Bill now for about 1.5 years. My original focus was Olympic lift technique, and Bill helped me to achieve significant improvement. He has since exposed me to a number of different training approaches that I'd never have considered on my own, and I have achieved results I never would have. I have lifted since my early teens, and after training with Bill, I have overall strength, athleticism, and balanced muscle development at 45 that I didn't have at 25. Every session with Bill is structured, engaging, unique, but also in sync with my overall fitness goals. I highly recommend BAM Fitness Solutions to anyone who is not achieving the results they want, either on their own or with another trainer.

Dania S.

I've worked out with Bill now for 8 (that many?!) years and have followed him from the city out to Vernon Hills. The first time you work with him you realize he is different from other trainers. He's not just some gym rat, he knows every muscle and exactly how to work and stretch it. He will push you to do things you never thought you could, and will make sure you use the right technique so you don't get injured doing it. Wherever you're at in your fitness journey (and believe me, I started pretty much at nothing), Bill call tailor a program that is fun and effective for you